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Medical education, in general, represent one of the major concerns of the higher education sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This important and influential sector is in the development process and is expanding in its fields. The recent past has seen an increase in the number of medical schools and health colleges, both in the governmental and private sectors. Therefore, the establishment of a scientific society for medical education will achieve an important demand; to contribute to the field of health care for everyone that is relevant to this sector, and especially in the field of curriculum development, plans, education strategies, teaching methods, admissions policies, means and techniques of education, assessment and research aspects of medical and health education.  We hope that this association will be able to provide an effective forum to gather experience with good thinking and thought and to be the beginning of a distinguished collaboration especially in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries in general.


The association should be at the forefront of scientific societies specialized in medical education at the level of the countries of the region and is distinguished in providing consultancy, continuing education and scientific research in the field of medical education.


To lead the process of innovation and development in the field of medical education through the development of human resources and encourage them to specialize in the field of medical education and unite efforts and coordination between the relevant authorities in the development of medical education, as well as encourage research and provide consultations and scientific studies in the field of medical education.



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The official name of the association:

Saudi Society for Medical Education (SSME)


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A Brief History of the Establishment:

The Saudi Scientific Society for Medical Education is a Saudi scientific society established in accordance with the rules governing the scientific societies in Saudi universities issued by the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (10/15/1420H, 22/1/2000G) adopted at the fifteenth meeting of the Higher Education Council held on 1/2/1420H 18/2/1999G The Supreme Court with the honorable guidance No. 284 / M dated 16/3/1421H, 18/6/2000G . The Society was established at King Khalid University in 2002 by a decision of the University Council based on the recommendation of the Scientific Council. The Founding Committee was formed and started the Founding Works of the Society until 1425H (2004). The Assembly was declared national and its General Assembly was elected. For the first session, during the first scientific meeting of the Society hosted by King Khalid University in Abha. The meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly took place during three successive sessions and dealt with activating the objectives of the Association in accordance with its mission and vision, and this has gone a long way, especially in the aspects of scientific conferences, international cooperation, and sub-offices.