SSME Board


The Saudi Society for Medical Education Board of Directors


Board of Directors: composition, meetings and terms of reference:

The Board of Directors shall consist of nine active members elected by the General Assembly by secret ballot from among its working members, provided that at least one third of them are members of King Khalid University.   

The term of office of the Board is three years, renewable once. If a member of the Board of Directors is absent from the meetings of the Board three consecutive times without an acceptable excuse, the Board of Directors may be considered resigned from the Board of Directors of the Association. Upon the vacancy of the membership of a member of the Board of Directors selected from the General Assembly for some reason the Council chooses an alternative member, and requires the approval of the Assembly at its first meeting. 

The Board of Directors shall elect by secret ballot from among its members a Chairman for a period of three years renewable, provided that he/she is a member of King Khalid University. The Board shall elect from among its members a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary of the Council and a Secretary of Finance.  

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be the representative of the Association before others and shall be contacted in connection with the official and non-official bodies in the Kingdom and abroad in accordance with the prescribed procedures. 

The Board of Directors shall hold an ordinary meeting every three months, and its meeting shall not be valid unless attended by a majority of its members. It may hold extraordinary meetings whenever more than half of its members or five members of the General Assembly or the Chairman of the Board of Directors request it. In this case, the meeting shall be limited to discussing the subjects for which the Council was convened. Decisions of the Board of Directors shall be issued by a majority vote of those present.


The Board of Directors shall work towards meeting th efollowing objectives:

    Proposed budget of the Assembly.
    Preparation of the agenda of the General Assembly.
    Proposing the general policy of the Association within the framework of its objectives, and presenting them to the General Assembly for approval.
    Proposing the internal rules of the association and organizing its work.
    Forming committees and specialized groups to perform the functions and activities of the Association.
    Preparation of the annual report of the activities of the Association and submit it to the competent councils of the University after its adoption by the General Assembly.
    Determine the annual contributions of members.
    Commissioning studies and researches.
    To approve the holding of seminars, courses, seminars and workshops in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    Accept donations, donations, grants and aid.


     SSME Board of Directors Elected on May 2019 (Current Session):

Dr Abdulaziz Alamri (King Khalid University) (President)
د عبد العزيز العمري
Dr Mona Hamoud Al Sheikh  (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University) (Vice President)
د منى حمود الشيخ
Dr Hassan AlZahrani (King Khalid University) (General Secretary)
د حسن الزهراني
Dr Mohammad Tauheed Ahmed (King Khalid University)
د محمد توحيد احمد
Professor Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani (King Saud University)
ا د حمزة محمد عبدالغني 
Professor Mona Soliman (King Saud University)
ا د منى سليمان
Professor Khalid Abdulrahman (Iman Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University))
ا د خالد عبد الرحمن
Dr Rania Zaini (Ummul Qura University)
د رانية زيني
Profesor Ali AlHaqwi (King Saud bin Abdulaziz University Health Sciences)
ا د علي الحقوي




          SSME Board of Directors at the fourth session (Previous Session):

    Prof. Ali Mohammed Saeed Mashbab Al Bin Ali - President

أ.د. علي محمد سعيد مشبب آل بن علـي - رئيس 

   Prof. Khalid Manaa Khalil Al Qattan - Vice President

أ.د. خـالــد مـنـــَّـاع خـلـيـل الـقــطــَّــان - نائب رئيس
   Dr.. Abdulaziz Awad Aziz Al Amri - Secretary General

د. عبـدالعـزيــز عــوض عـزيــز العـمــري - الأمين العام

   Dr.. Abdullah Abdulmohsen Abdullah Al Sabani - Treasurer

د. عبـدالله عبـدالمـحســن عبـدالله السبعــاني - أمين المال

   Dr.. Akef Sadeq Abdul Hamid Obeidat - Board Member

د. عاكــف صــادق عـبدالحميــد عبيــدات - عضو المجلس

   Dr.. Amer Ali Al Amer Al-Almai - Board Member

د. عـامــر علـي آل عـامــر الألـمـعــي - عضو المجلس

   Dr.. Shorouk Hassan Ibrahim Akko - Board Member

د. شـــروق حســــن إبــراهـيــــم آقـــو - عضو المجلس 

   Dr.. Khalid Abdulhamid Shehat - Board Member

د. خــالــد عبــدالـحـــمــيــد شــــحــَّــات - عضو المجلس

   Dr.. Saeed Ali Mohammed Al-Seraiee - Board Member

د. سعيـد علـي مـحـمــد الســريــعــــي - عضو المجلس