International conferences in medical education

At the local and regional level, the Association is keen to participate actively in many conferences dealing with medical education such as: Medical Education Conference of the Medical Colleges of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, Medical Career Day, Gulf Arab Medical Societies Conference, University Forums for Promoting Medical Education, Coordination between outputs and the needs of health personnel.

Internationally, the Association encourages its members to participate in scientific research at the annual international conference of the European Union for Medical Education and other relevant international conferences and is keen to highlight the research role and increasing interest of its staff in medical education. The Association participated in the coordination meetings of representatives of National Societies and Continental Medical Education, 2013 in the Czech capital of Prague, and in September 2014 in Milan, Italy, and was attended by representatives of approximately 28 bodies dealing with medical education around the world.


AMEE Conferences  (Past and Future)

AMEE 2016:  Barcelona Spain

AMEE 2017:  Helsinki  Finland

AMEE 2018:  Basel Switzerland

AMEE 2019: 24-28 Aug 2019, Vienna, Austria

AMEE 2020: 4-9 September 2020, Glasgow, UK

OTTAWA Conferences (past and future)