SSME Objectives

General Objectives

Collaborate with academic and professional bodies, academics and those interested in medical education to adopt new patterns in medical education.

Rehabilitation and training of academics and health professionals on new knowledge, skills and values ​​in medical education.

Encourage some faculty members in health colleges to obtain higher education qualifications.

Contribute to the development of educational curricula in the health colleges in accordance with the latest developments in order to ensure the continued recognition of certificates of health colleges at the global level.

Coordination and cooperation between the relevant bodies in the field of medical education.

Encouraging and supporting research and scientific studies in the field of medical education.


Specific objectives

Establish an effective network among all those interested in medical education to raise awareness and knowledge
Cooperation with the National Commission for Academic Accreditation to establish appropriate standards for academic evaluation in health colleges in the Kingdom.
Cooperation with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the development of aspects of medical education.
Cooperation with the deans of health colleges (old and modern) in the field of curriculum development and others.
To extend cooperation with existing scientific institutions interested in medical education such as:
Committee of Deans of Medical Colleges in the Kingdom.
Committee of Deans of Medical Colleges in the GCC Countries.
Medical Education Centers.
Associations and international organizations (WFME, EMRO, AMEE, AAME, AME-ER, FAIMER)
Encouraging research and studies in medical education.