Other Publications

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Mindset & CBME 2021 (Click Here to Download)


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Self-Theories Their Role in  Motivation, Personality, and Development by Carol S. Dweck (Click Here to Download)


Handbook of Competence and  Motivation Theory and Application by Andrew J. Elliot, Carol S.  Dweck_compressed (Click Here to Download)


Becoming a Critically Reflective  Teacher by Stephen D. Brookfield (Click Here to Download)


Routledge Handbook of International Medical Education (Click Here to Download)


Excellence in Health Profession Education; Through Globalization & Collaboration ICME 2021 Virtual Conference (ABSTRACT BOOK  Click Here to download)


Tasks Based Blackboard* Proficiency  (Click Here to download)


Tasks based Virtual Classrooms (for teaching and Learning)  (Click Here to download)


Tasks Based e-Exams (Blackboard* Learn) (Click Here to download)


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