Saudi Association for Statistical Sciences (SASS) is pleased to cordially invite you to register your interest for its First Annual Meeting which will take place at King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia on April, 14-15, 2009.The aims of holding of the meeting are:
 •Giving you an opportunity to meet with a wide range of key players involved in the production and use of the official data that informs and shapes a great deal of public and private policy and investment decisions across our nation. This is a particularly important time in the evolution of our national statistical infrastructure as the many data custodians and producers of official statistical data seek to support the greater emphasis being placed by governments on both the importance of clearly defined outcomes for publicly funded initiatives and of establishing quantifiable measures to assess progress in achieving these outcomes.
• Involving you in discussions on how we might improve and extend our measures of progress in Saudi society as well as more generally improve the statistical base for the nation to assist and encourage informed decision making research and discussion within governments and the wider community in collaborative and cost effective ways.
• Focusing on important statistical issues relating to productivity improvement, improve use of quantitative methods to support decision-making at all levels of government, universities , management, business, industry and Finance.
• Providing a forum for participants both practitioners and academics from government, universities, business and industry to meet, communicate, discuss, exchange ideas, and establish professional networks.
• Having an opportunity for dialogue between statisticians in Saudi Arabia and the international community.
• Bringing together eminent statisticians to discuss and present their research findings and applications of statistics and probability and other related fields in the technological age
• providing a place for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to statistics, probability, operation research, computer science and mathematics, to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular discipline.
• Providing a forum for participants from government, private sectors, and universities to share their knowledge in Statistics and statistical computing which provides a link between theory and applied statistics and applied probability in the society.
• Focusing on new trends in theory, applications and software of Statistics/stochastic methods and Data analysis. 
• Providing opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in teaching statistics and probability and expand their networks of statistical educators.
 • Promoting practical applications of probability and statistics, particularly in Government, business and Industry and to strengthen local relations among researchers in these areas